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Things I do for Hubby.....

This is a Japanese Koto:

Last night we went to a Koto performance in Richmond,CA.

Basically Hubby was doing it as a favor to his Shakuhachi teacher, who was involved in the event and whose ex-wife was the guest performer for one number.

At least we got a ride over and back, but the "price" for that was getting there incredibly early. I had a New Yorker to fend off boredom and some apricots and almonds for the hunger pangs. Also my notebook, so I did some work on a certain EEEEEVIL Who-verse epic that I'm working on.

I don't have that much to say about the music itself. Clearly the performers were both in the virtuoso category.. Sunazaki Tomoko actually has the designation of "National Treasure" in Japan, but I really don't have enough context with the instrument to judge the quality and to my western ears, the sounds weren't particularly pretty.

This is compared to say the Mbira, which I went to a concert of several years back, in another "things I do for Hubby" event. Which as I'm looking back at That Post was also payback for dealing with my crazy family.

It should be noted that I declined the opportunity to go to an Urdu Poetry Reading on Friday night, even though it came from my cousin.
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