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Pimping the Jukebox Fanworks Exchange

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This one is still in the brainstorming stage, but it looks like fun....I'm definitely going to sign up and I'll probably be nominating some Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry as well as few of my other eclectic favorites.

What's this fest about?
Ask for a song and receive a story.

Jukebox is a challenge festival for fanfic writers. It is based on a theme of songs and music videos, and it uses a gift exchange structure, like Yuletide and many others. When you sign up, you will prompt several possible stories using songs for inspiration, and you will commit to writing a story for a recipient who will be assigned to you.

The goals of this fest are:

Write a story (or more, if you feel inclined)

Get a story

Share and learn about music

Read and comment on many creative interpretations of song narratives.

What’s the schedule of the fest?
Brainstorming: 15 to 25 July
Nominations: 26 July to 2 August
Signups: 4 to 11 August
Assignments go out by: 13 August
Assignments due: 23 September (six weeks)
Collection opens: 26 September
Authors revealed: 4 October
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