karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

A hearty FUCK YOU to anyone who says they don't understand what the President is saying!

President Obama Says, 'Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me' - ABC News

A double-hearty FUCK YOU to anyone who uses the words "agitator" "race-hustler" or "poverty-pimp."

The wing-nut response has been utterly predictable, but even more infuriating than usual.

I’m a white woman of middle-class privilege and I understand EXACTLY what the President was saying here.

Whereas the wing-nut, Obama-hating racist throng, are responding by saying “No, he had too much privilege to be Trayvon" or “No, he’s not butch enough to be Trayvon" or (worst of all) “He’s identifying with a thug and if we were really lucky he’d be dead like Trayvon."

So allow me to repeat (in memory of my Grandparents who were both radical enough to get black-listed in the 50's) A MOST HEARTY FUCK YOU to ANYONE who doesn’t get what the President is saying and why we (ALL OF US) need to listen and understand.
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