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Some bits of life.

Trigger warnings galore-read at your own risk.

The scale in the ladies locker room at my gym is broken. :(

Either that or I lost 20 pounds in a week, which seems unlikely, much as I would like it to be true. I used an electronic one, which said I’d gained 2 1/2, but that doesn’t feel right either, and who knows what that one was originally calibrated at.

This could just be the universe’s way of telling me to stay off the bloody scale and just keep trying on the “skinny" jeans until something fits. Right now the “fat pants" are getting increasingly tent-like, but the next size down (which were more or less comfortable when I went to London two years ago) feel about a million miles away.

I’m putting in a LOT of bike miles, doing weights on alternate days and having tofu as my dinner protein more than any human should have to.

I’m afraid if I stop weighing, I’ll slip back into the denial that got me here——here being close to 200. But I also know that bowing down to the evil scale god is a form of insanity in itself.

I’ve gotten the Credit Card Bill that I had managed to run up to nearly $2000.00, down to $316.20.

Right after Hubby had the 2nd (I think) motorcycle accident, I opened a GAP Visa account to get him some new jeans....and this was KNOWING that I have a very complicated relationship with money, especially credit cards...and it's not that different from my relationship with food---let's say credit card=sugar, as in if I take one bite, there is no stopping me.

I had to switch the balance from the GAP card to a No Interest Citi-bank card, and practice a level of credit card restraint that is still somewhat alien to me, but it’s a good feeling.
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