karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Very quick babble for Arrow-Salvation

As I continue to put myself through 37 minutes of rubbish for the occasional three minutes of Barrowman badassery.

With Moira "Lady MacBeth" moment, this is now officially the most UN-SUBTLE television show of all time, and with Oliver's attitude toward the baddie of the week---the MOST hypocritical.

I'm starting to think that taking away Alex Kingston's curls has a cutting Samson's hair effect. She was GOD-AWFUL. Bad American Accent, Bad Acting. I know the part was abysmally written and her BIG REVEAL was beyond over-the-top, but I thought she might find a way to bring something good to it. (Barrowman is managing to transcend his character's level of crappiness.) I was wrong.
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