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Dirty Martinis

So last night, I ended up having a rather impromptu dinner with my new-new boss. Love her to bits. Partially relief that she's not the old-new boss, but also just a sense that this a person who operates in way that's much more in synch with my personality. (If I present her with a problem caused by my screwing up, her initial reaction will be "how do we fix this," as opposed to "how could this happen?".)

Anyway, we went to the fabulous Marketbar, because the food is awesome, and so she could see The Bay Lights, and after getting lost for forty minutes, she arrived and ordered a Dirty Martini. NOW, my name is K-gal and I am an alcoholic, but even though I haven't had a drink 26 years, I do spent a lot of time sitting at a bar and I consider myself fairly knowledgable about mixology what goes in what etc.

I was astonished when the drink arrived and upon perusing the olives, new-new boss announced that this was NOT a proper Dirty Martini, as the olives were not stuffed with blue cheese. I had never heard of such a thing, not the delicious-sounded (although insanely fattening) blue cheese-stuffed olives, or the idea that they were the necessity for a Dirty Martini. I thought the key ingredient in a Dirty Martini was the addition of the water from the olives being poured into the drink.

The waitress at Market Bar agreed with me. They didn't even HAVE any blue-cheese stuffed olives on the premises.

I'm now thinking this could be a regional thing. New-new boss lives in Indiana, her accounts are mostly Chicago-based and she's a native of Houston.

Do any of my actively-drinking, or just living in other parts of the country, friends have any insight into this matter? What do YOU consider a "Dirty Martini?"
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