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First episode of Broadchurch-no spoilers.

The problem with watching too many British Detective shows....

Is LOVING David Tennant as DI Alec Hardy in Broadchurch (YAY Scottish accent-BOO Neckbeard), but ending the first episode thinking, "DCI Barnaby (or Inspector Lewis, or Dangerous Davies, or DCI Foyle etc etc) would have had this thing, plus at least one other murder, wrapped up in 90 minutes, and you're going take a WHOLE SERIES????

Yeah yeah, I know it's all about the angst, and the back-story, and the characterization, but still....hubby and I are on a Midsomer Murder binge, so we really expect all the loose ends to be tied up in time for tea as it were.

As with all British TV, since there are only five actors in the UK, the Who-verse spotting is a fabulous game on its own, made weirder by THINKING you know certain actors and IMDB shows that you've never laid eyes on them at all or it was something not Who-related. (Just watched a Midsomer that had a nearly unrecognizable Montserrat Lombard, who was Shaz on Ashes to Ashes.)
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