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100 TV Shows #66-Numb3rs


Bad Math
Amita Ramanujan (mentions of others, reference to incest)
Too Clever By Half

A Clever Girl
End of the Line
Mission Creep
Don/Charlie-Incest, Underaged sex.
Tears For Spheres
Funny, Familiar Forgotten Feelings
Alan/Margaret. (Please note, this drabble has been remixed)
Handle With Care
Don/Ian, Don/Charlie-Incest
True To Your Code
David/Colby, David/OFC
Better Things
Softly, As I Love You
Charlie, Larry, Don (Implied Don/Charlie-incest)
After Today
Home Truths
So Far Away

I never considered this one of my "invested" shows, but there were times when it managed to piss me off so badly that I must have been more invested than I thought. I told myself I really didn't ship any pairings, but I wrote a lot of angsty Don/Charlie fic during my year of drabbles. I said I didn't care who came and went, but I really disliked the chick who played the token girl FBI agent in the last season.

Basically I think it was a great premise, originally well handled by Ridley and Tony (RIP) Scott. The "high concept" idea was that FBI Agent Don Eppes had to use his younger brother Charlie's crazy ass math skills to save the day/solve the case on a weekly basis.

Hubby liked the shows procedural qualities enough that we ended up watching every episode even during episodes, arcs and maybe even whole seasons when my reactions veered between bored shitless indifference (any of Don's "romantic" entanglements) or mouth-frothing hatred-Colby's double/triple agent BULLSHIT!

I was never all that impressed with Charlie's angst either and I thought Amita could have done a lot better. But somehow the implications that there was something going on or gone on between Don/Charlie...let's say it's a lot more likely and interesting than those two fugs on the CW that certain folks claim to be obsessed with.

What I generally did like was the "sideline stuff." I came to adore Larry and if i did have a ship it was Larry/Megan. However since the bog-standard procedural aspect always won out, there was occassionally too much "cutsifying" of the (cough cough) CalSci department. My Larry/Megan love is probably why I detest Ms. Curly Top, aside from the fact that in the last two seasons, the writing staff must have twigged to the David/Colby shippers (another pairing that did nothing for me) and started using her as the stand-in for the shippers dispensing fan-service left and right and making me want to slap her upside the head.

Love for Judd Hirsch, but NOT the romance with Kathy Najimy's unbelievable annoying character. Lou Diamond Philip's appearances were fun, but the only thing worse than the double/triple agent plot was obligatory "Internal Affairs Tries to Ruin the Lead's Career" plot, which was a total waste of Keith Carradine.

They did do some fun things with guest casting along the way. Aside from all the obligatory usual suspects, we got Christopher Lloyd (who didn't get a scene with Judd Hirsch, mores the pity) Henry Winkler, Paul Michael Glaser and John Glover.

And yet, with all the bullshit, I was there until the bitter (and stupid) end. Maybe I started out liking the idea of a show that respected smart people and just couldn't let go. Another....and yet---when I was trying to come up with another show from the 2000's that I had something pithy to say about...it took me weeks to remember this one.
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