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Things we said today....

Or at least recently. Most of my rambling randomness tends to come from and go to my Tumblr these days, since so much of the fly-by-night party has moved there. But here are few recent things/facts/thoughts/babblings of interest.

I thought I'd posted what happened last night, but it seems (appropriately) that I did flake it. Basically, I'm here to tell you that boiling eggs and watching Youtube is a very bad combination. An hour later, I had NO IDEA why I smelled something burning in the kitchen.


Aug. '13
I won $12.00 in the Mega Millions!
This is the most I’ve ever won on a lottery ticket and the first time it ever amounted to more than the price of the ticket itself, since I usually get five Quick Picks.


The joys of working for the 1%:

Client: Could you please make sure that the vehicle is a big Escalade SUV and the seats are pulled down?
My co-worker: Will there be any other passengers in the car?
Client: No, it's for my 9 suitcases.


What is your Benedict Cumberbatch name?

Mine is Blenderdick Combyourthatch.


A Ship Meme-Ganked from tentooxrose
Send me a ship and I will explain why I do or don't ship it.


Stephen Fry's Open Letter to David Cameron and the IOC. Brought to my attention by devilc


Relevant to the above:

Aug. '13
How psychotic are right-wing republicans?
All of sudden Vladimir Putin is their fucking HERO. Oh, sure, he used to be head of the KGB, and you know an actual communist, (remember, their sworn enemies) but at least he hates gay people!
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