karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I hate my job-REDUX!

I think one of my East-coast co-workers screwed up badly. She quoted a fare using a discount that I've just been told by the rate desk is NOT applicable in the way she used it. I called her and she basically said the rate desk person is an idiot. This put me in a position where I either had to throw her under a bus, when I didn't know for a fact that she was wrong OR put myself in a position to take the hit for issuing the ticket the way she quoted it.

I tried to split the difference by running the ticket, but telling HER (co-worker) that if there was any blow-back, she would have to cop to it. The only other option was totally ratting her out and causing a lot of grief on a Friday. And for all I know the rate-desk person "Boots," maybe is an idiot. I don't honestly think so...I think you can't use the discount that way, and the quote is 1,500.00 too low.

But for now the ticket is issued and hopefully the worst case is that co-worker comes in on Monday, cops to the screw-up and voids the ticket...I just feel bad because this co-worker had a really bad fare-based screw up a few months back and is still paying for it through the OOPS system.

I hate this job so much. So much potential for disaster on a daily basis.

Even with my new-new boss, who I love. And who I probably should have called immediately when I realized this situation, but that would be "bus-throwing" in the extreme.

So now, I'm facing potential boss-hate on Monday for not knifing co-worker in the back.

Have I mentioned that I hate my job...and that I now need to go out and be pleasant and social with Hubby and friend that hubby hasn't seen in 25 years?

I really fucking HATE MY JOB!!!
Tags: bitching, ranting, work

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