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Memo to my muse:


In case you didn't get the message, we are trying clean off the fanfic desk so that we can devote next year to NOVEL 2008. That means there are just a few stories I'm emotionally committed to writing, including one I've been working on since, ahem, January.

It would be a lot easier to do this, if you would stop sending me plot bunnies that nibble rather painfully at my ankles until I agree to write them.

Today was NOT the day I planned on producing 1500 words of extremely painful/angsty Torchwood fic. Doing for CJH what I managed to do for All In, in Darkness On The Edge of Town , if my dual-fandom readers get what I mean.

So, I will thank you kindly to leave me the hell alone unless it's to give me more ideas for the book, such as snarky dialogue and ways to torment FSM (that's Former Soul Mate, not Flying Spaghetti Monster) in the soon-to-be-written epic.

Yours Truly


Now departing the Desk of Doom in order to get my Goddess Nails attended to.
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