karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Rolf Harris? Really (Possible triggers, Google at your own risk.)

Since I'm American, I didn't grow up with Jimmy Savile, and I didn't really know Rolf Harris as a "personality" until I started watched tons of British telly, including panel shows. Hell, I just watched the concert for the Queen's Jubilee LAST WEEK! BUT...I've certainly known "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport," as long as I can remember.

I almost wish that HIGNFY was filming right now. As painful as it was to watch, their "Post-Jimmy Savile revelation" shows did a great job of dealing with the issue. I'd like to see what they make of this.

All outrage is assuming the charges are true. If not, some massive apologies are going to be in order.
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