karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I have next week off.

So I'm going to deal with some blood-work and the mammogram that I've been putting off for (mumblemumble) months.

I should see my dentist as well, but I just don't think I can face a cleaning and the lecture that comes with it, so I'm going to punt that one until October.

Other goals are finishing up the first season of Arrow before the new one starts in a few weeks and also finishing the first season of the Wire and it would be hard to pick two shows farther apart from each other on the spectrum of any metric of quality whatsoever, except my desire to shag both Malcolm Merlyn and Jimmy McNulty and the various reasons why either one would be a terrible idea.

I wish I were getting my hair done, but I've decided to hold my tresses hostage to my weight. In other words, no touch up until the Evil Scale God gives me the next number. The way things are going they're gonna crucify me, that could be up to three more weeks. There may be a lot of babooshkas in my future...I could pretend I'm cos-playing Valerie Harper as Rhoda.
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