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Arrow-Episode 20-Home Invasion

Yet another piece of dreck, this one without even a second of Barrowman gorgeousness to brighten up the dark, ugly stupidity.

Slightly spoilerly stuff starting with a note to Tommy and Oliver---

Why don't you two just make out already? Laurel is so NOT worth it, hell she's not even pretty, and aside from Malcolm/Moira (and Malcolm/Anyone he looks at THAT WAY) the only thing resembling sexual chemistry on this show is you two. At least we could get some good angst our of it as opposed to the self-indulgent variety you're both indulging in at this point.

Also a hearty fuck you to Diggle, since he's being self-indulgent and stabbing people in the back as well, and we all know the self-righteous walk-out won't last.

Island Crap....ZZZZZZZZZ. Oh gee, another sudden but inevitable betrayal. Do I care?

Big LOL at Thea in her ever-obnoxious cluelessness. Plus the award for worst dialogue of the episode, amid many strong contenders: "I can see this means the world to you, and you mean the world to me." PUH-LEASE!

To paraphrase a song you sang so beautifully, WHY JOHN, WHY?

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