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Triglycerides? Really?

So I had my fasting blood panel done last week. (Would that be the worst session at SDCC, or what?) What I was guessing, or maybe even hoping, was that I would show up either anemic or hypoglycemic, not because I want to be a speshul snoflake whose blood is weak, but as an actual explanation for my being such a massive ditz and going so loopy when I'm hungry, so that I could then be diagnosed and take steps.

SURVEY SAYS....NOPE! Instead I'm low on Vitamin D and my triglycerides are too high. None of which gives me a get-out-of-jail-free card from being a space case. I'm getting high-dose Vitamin D to take once a week and she wants my "bad cholesterol" to go down through diet and exercise. I'm not sure I can reasonably exercise much more than I am...which is riding the bike and/or going to the gym for core/abs/weights every bloody day and I'm NOT giving my up my hard boiled eggs, especially the yolks, since it's one of the few proteins I've got left, having basically given up all my fatty meats. I really love egg yolks and I barely tolerate egg-whites. I have also been eating a LOT of tuna and chicken salad, so I'm hoping that if I jetison those a few days a week, and the mayo that makes them, then I can keep the eggs.

In other medical news, I've now had two accupuncture treatments, since the accupuncturist opened shop literally a few doors down from me in the space where the hand-made, slightly religous/spritual jewelry place went belly up, which was too bad, because they had a very cute dog who hung out under the front desk.

I like the procedure and the practitioner, but it's not enough of a panacea in terms of either my back pain or my night-eating cravings for me to justify the cost on a regular basis. So basically back to the ibuprofen and trying not to do too much damage while I'm in "zombie mode."
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