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Welcome to 3:00AM with no glasses

It's not really a resolution, but if I can figure out a way to STOP getting up in the middle of the night and eating that would be a good thing.

My father did this, to the extent that when I was growing up there was a lock on our refrigerator because he would eat EVERYTHING. I'm not that bad, but it's definitely a problem, mostly because if I eat in the middle of the night, I generally don't have a protein shake at 5 or 6, which means I'm not getting good gym nutrition. Also, I'm usually not quite awake when I do it, and I sometimes leave bits of food in the bed, which hubby finds the next day and isn't pleased.

There's even the fear that I'm going to choke. Apples or carrots or things that really need to be conscientiously chewed are not the best thing for middle-of-the night eating. I mean I've woken up with unchewed food in my mouth.

I don't know how to short circuit this behavior or if it's nature or nurture.

On the other hand, it was worth it to wake up, check my email (another compulsive behaviour) to see Haldane's drabbe response in the comment chain of my previous posting.

How EVER will I get back to sleep now? :)

ALSO-after a bit of unseemly whinging and whining (SURPRISE!) my two Yuletide fics are at nine comments each, which is most gratifying. I can't link or tell you which fandoms until the reveal, but I will allow as to how I snuck an "uncredited cameo appearance" by JB into one of them and the 9th comment was the first one to mention it, although I'm not sure they actually know who I meant.
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