karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I feel a binge coming on.

Not a food one, but as we've discussed before, the $$ kind is just as self-destructive and probably has the same roots in my disturbed psyche.

I've been doing well on both fronts. I won't discuss actual weight loss figures here, but let's just say that Yanni noticed I've been losing weight, which is always a good/bad sign. You gotta love a guy whose way of complimenting me is "OMG, you were a whale and now you're...." to which I replied, "What, a cow?"

I have crossed a Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town-I-Con, abetted by my bad lipid results (it was lipids, not triglycerides, by the way. Sorry-my bad.) I've given up my almost-daily consumption of tuna salad on a bagel OR curried chicken salad on foccaccia. Hey, rustydog, I am doing the "tuna salad with yogurt instead of mayo" thing when I'm home...but giving up the deli stuff still hurts.

Anywho---the money, money, money (must be funny, in the rich man's world) has been pretty good, as I pay off the big credit card bill and don't run up any new charges. YAY ME...BUT......my Ipod died. Just...nada. I've tried the reset and the re-charge and...Nada. It had a good life. Two of them actually as I bought it off hllangel after I lost my original classic and then dropped my Nano in water (you don't want to know where) and the rice-trick failed dismally. So we've been together a long time.

I've got a "Genius Bar" appointment at the Apple Store, but if they are unable to perform a ressurection, I need a new Ipod. I can't ride the bike or run or do any kind of exercise without it. No way I can be alone in my head that long. But we really don't have a comfortable cushion right now. What I do have is the almost paid off credit card and a few other clean ones that I've accumulated along the way. So you're thinking, ok, one Ipod...not the end of the world. You'll pay off the card a little later than you planned.

But you see---the MINUTE the alcoholic/drug addict/compulsive overeater equivalent thinking gets into one's head...well you know, I'm off next week and Burke Williams is having a special on Hot Rock Massages and I really want to do another accupuncture treatment and I really really need some new bike pants, which I most certainly deserve for losing all this weight no?

It's almost exactly the same process as the "I can have some whiskey in my milk" story from the Big Book of Alcholics Anonymous.

What can I say, kiddies? Being an addict is a bitch.

Why can't the sign-ups for yuletide start already, so I could obsess about that?
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