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Dear Yuletide Writer

A03 Account-Karaokegal

Fandoms requested:
1. The Wire
2. The Hour
3. Avalon-Roxy Music (Album)
4. Broadchurch
5. Would I Lie To You-RPF

Thank you wonderful Yuletide author (and anyone who might be looking to write treats) for your willingness to write in any of these fandoms. I fully understand that optional details are optional, but if you are looking for a few personal preferences, here we go:

Things I love: ANGST, snark, hot smut or guilt-ridden UST where that’s more appropriate. Adultery or cheating is NEVER a problem, and angst over the possibility is one of my favorite things. Dont mind a bit of BDSM or D/s dynamic as long it's IN CHARACTER.

In RPF fic, real means real. Family members, pets, friends are all fair game.

Things I hate: AU, fluff or schmoop, MPREG. Not crazy about cross-overs unless otherwise noted.

Please no A/B/O/Omegaverse/knotting or associated aspects, tropes etc.

Pet peeve: I know it’s a personal thing and I understand that some people honestly don’t give a fig, but I truly believe that UK fandoms should be written in British English and American fandoms in American English, including idioms and spellings.

Request 1-The Hour
Characters requested: Adam LeRay, Marnie Madden, Hector Madden, Freddy Lyon

I’d really love to see poor, closeted, self-hating, alcoholic Adam and how he was (or wasn’t) functioning prior to the show. Perhaps Marnie as his friend, with whatever level of awareness you’d like to give her. Either full blown fag-hag or just somewhat flighty society girl. I wouldn’t object to a bed scene with them, as painful and awkward as it might be, especially with Adam secretly in love/lust with Hector and using Marnie to get him by proxy. Or Marnie confiding in Adam about her marriage, even while Adam nurses a crush on Hector. Or something about how McCain was able to get Adam involved in the plot. Pre-show Hector and Marnie falling in (or out) of love with each other is great, smut or not smut at whatever level you are comfortable with.

If your interests lie with Freddy, I'd be happy some fix-it fic, because I HATED the ending of the 2nd series with a vengeance. Maybe Freddy convalescing with help from Hector and Marnie, and her cooking. Or hurt/comfort fic with one or both of them....or Adam popping up, seeking his own redemption.

Regarding Adam, I'm not looking for strident "issue-fic" on the matter, but I'm fully comfortable with writing that reflects the fact that he is living in a homophobic world, and has massive amounts of self-hatred. That's what drives the character. If you write about Adam, feel free to treat those aspects realistically. I think it's probably impossible to write about him without them. Marnie's acceptance of or denial about those issues is also fair game.

I don’t mind Marnie being a bit of a bitch, but I don’t see her as a stupid one, even if she doesn’t know about Adam or chooses not to know. Basically just something with Adam living the glamorous 50’s lie and hating himself for it.

If your interests lie with Freddy, I'd be happy some fix-it fic, because I HATED the ending of the 2nd series with a vengeance. Maybe Freddy convalescing with help from Hector and Marnie, and her cooking. Or hurt/comfort fic with one or both of them....or Adam popping up, seeking his own redemption.

Request 2-The Wire
Characters requested-Jimmy McNulty, Kima Greggs, William "The Bunk" Moreland, William "The Bunk" Moreland

I LOVE Jimmy McNulty. I love him in all his fucked up, alcoholic, self-destructive glory, and I'm really interested in fic with him getting some sex....possibly drunken, self-destructive, non-con, dub-con, OMG what have I done sex. In other words, I'm fine with graphic, but not particularly interested in PWP. I think any of these possibilities could happen, but I'd want to see how it happened and what the aftermath might be, even it's just all parties deciding never to speak of it again.

So far I've only watched the first season, but I'm spoiled enough to know that things get much worse and Jimmy eventually fucks up badly enough to poison his relationships and his career, but in the first season, I think there's still a modicum of hope and I'd like to see fic with those dynamics still in place.

I totally ship them. I see chemistry, respect, affection, and potential matching damage. I'm NOT looking for any kind of gay erasure. Kima is who she is and whatever might happen in a drunken moment or if she were acting out in some way is not going to change that. But I still think something could happen and the aftermath would be a whole lot of WTF. The only thing I don't want for this pairing is non-con with Jimmy as the aggressor. It would definitely have to be a situation where Kima was completely and totally consenting in the moment, no matter how much she might hate herself (or him) afterwards. I'm OK with dub-con in terms of both of them being shit-faced and making bad decisions, or even Kima being the aggressor and Jimmy know it's a bad idea but being too fucked up or just too Jimmy to hold out and giving in against his better judgement. Maybe Kima having to deal with having enjoyed it, but NOT, NOT, NOT ever, Jimmy out and out raping Kima.
I'm also good with either of them fantasizing about the other, complete with WTF on Kima's part if it's her.

GUH! This scene:

Even though the "fucking" under discussion is completely metaphorical, the way Dominic West says "you were gentle," just kills me and makes me want some variation on the scenario, either as a fantasy on one of their parts or an actual event...probably with massive amounts of booze and resulting guilt/denial that it ever happened.

OK, I know it's a long shot, but there's still this scene:

I'd love to see Rawls rage against Jimmy, which he's had since the first episode, and the mixed feelings, and some concern and maybe affection that he shows here, boil over into either hurt/comfort, dub-con (booze), hate-sex etc, or maybe just Rawls fantasizing about that---given the gay bar reveal that we know is coming.

If you're not into writing sex, or don't feel/see any of these pairings, maybe just some random meeting, or case fic featuring the other three characters. Rawls and Kima running into each other in a bar and ending up stopping an incident of some kind, or just sharing a drink and bitching about McNulty.


Request 3-Avalon-Roxy Music (Album)
Characters requested: Any

This is my favorite album in the world. I love the lush romanticism of the music and the evocative, but ambiguous lyrics. I love Bryan's beautiful, world-weary voice. It makes me think of beautiful people in glamorous places, especially 1980's New York.

Honestly, I'd love to read a narrative of what the songs say to someone else who loves it as much as I do. I'm inviting my writer to let their imagination run wild using whatever characters they discern in the lyrics. What the heck did happen at that party that's got the singer so tired?

I personally see the main character as a man singing to a woman, but I could easily get into some nice decadent 80's bisexuality or homosexuality or even a genderswap in the POV. (Perhaps "I can leave you as you were" refers to some kind of sexuality or gender confusion.) You can use as many of the songs as speak to you or even other songs in the Roxy "canon." Maybe the "Diamond Lady" is the same person as the girl who had "A Really Good Time." I'm NOT going for RPF here. You might incorporate aspects of Bryan Ferry's on-record/real-life persona, but not fic about Bryan/Phil/Andy themselves.

"Happy Ending" or lack thereof as the music talks to you, but please no fluff/schmoop. I still hear a lot of angst in there and I would like the story to reflect that.


Request 4-Broadchurch

Characters requested: Alec Hardy, Ellie Miller

Basically I'm looking for post-series Alec/Ellie (either friendship or romance) as they attempt to heal from the Broadchurch case. Obviously an affair would be a terrible, self-destructive idea, so I'm all for it. Maybe some slow building hurt/comfort angst, or an every-so-needy one nighter.

As a background, or main Gen plot, perhaps they form a private investigation firm together and that gets them both out of town. Please leave Ellie's kids out of it. Maybe they go to Scotland together on a case, or Alec goes on holiday and Ellie finds a reason to go with him.

Ellie has been clearly damaged by the case and Alec came in screwed up with his own baggage, so there's plenty of angst-fodder there, but he was so sweet and supportive in those last scenes that if you want to go pure Gen and do friendship/case-fic, I could see that as well.

Request 5-Would I Lie To You RPF
Characters requested: David Mitchell, Lee Mack

I'm really interested in the dichotomy between public persona and the "real" people. We (OK, I) tend to think of David Mitchell's persona, the bookishness, snobbery, poshness etc as all being only slight exaggerations of his real self, but Lee "plays" such an obnoxious Northern Yob, but it would be unlikely and nearly impossible for his real self to be anything like that. I'd love something either actual slash or gen that shows the two of them interacting and plays off the discrepancy between who they are and who they play. Infidelity angst and comic insecurity always welcome. Referenced to things we heard about on the show, such a the beard incident OR incidents/characters from the rest of the "panel show universe" (QI, HIGNY, Buzzcocks, Eight Out of Ten Cats) as you wish.
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