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Sorry, Nick.

The plan for Saturday was to ride the bikes up to Golden Gate Park around 1pm, for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, which would give us plenty of time to get the bikes park, meanderthal around, and get to the Towers of Gold stage in plenty of time to see Nick Lowe at 305PM.

The ride went OK, but it looked to me like there was considerably less bike parking available than last year, when it felt like it went on for miles and miles. Basically the only option was valet bike parking and hubby was just too paranoid to give over his beloved custom-built fixie, in a situation with bazillion bikes and no liability. So we rode right back home, and since things were getting a bit tense---I really wanted to see Nick---we went to Dolores Park for a while to sit in the shade, which gave us a chance to cool off literally and figuratively.
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