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Great big round up post---Gravity/Broadchurch/Castle/Elementary/Arrow

Yes, apparently I'm only watching shows/movies that have one word titles. Assume spoilers and continuing Arrow hate-spew behind the appropriate cuts. Also a rousing chorus of "I'm Still Here" from Follies.

Visually amazing, which you've probably already heard. Might be the best use of 3-D I've seen in the recent 3-D taking over movies where it has no business being revival. I didn't see it in IMAX, but I don't think I lost anything by that. IMAX is massively over-rated IMAO. To whatever extent is possible, this gave as "true" a feeling of what being in Zero-G might be like, and reminded me of some of my favorite science fiction works, specifically "Have Space-Suit Will Travel" and the Stardance Trilogy. The story-telling was well-done although did we REALLY need Sandra Bullock's oh-so-heart-rending back-story? OH PU-LEASE. On the other hand, the biggest miracle of this movie was that I was able to enjoy it in spite of a visceral dislike for Sandra Bullock that goes back to Speed and solidified with 28 Days. (Although I just IMDB checked, and now that I know Dominic West was in it, I MIGHT have to force myself to go through it again, just out of Dom-love.)

Clooney was his ever-awesome, charming self, and I would happily have spent more time listening to his "I have a bad feeling" stories. Also, fabulous cameo by Marvin the Martian. Seriously amazing piece of film-making.

I won't say "I KNEW IT," but I was pretty sure there had been a mix-up between the two big bald guys with slightly cadaverous features. After that, I wasn't sure where they were going or what the motive would turn out to be. I STILL feel like a lot of the subplots/tangents/red-herrings were more padding than necessary story-telling and I would have been just as happy without the entire Jack Marshall subplot as it raised all kinds of squickiness for me and was clearly only there to be a "humans are scum" moment and especially "reporters are scum." (Having seen the Worlds End a few weeks earlier made the whole thing slightly more endurable because I had an alternate ending for the actor and therefore the character.)

I am glad that my TIVO glitched during the recording from BBCA so I had to get a download for the last episode which meant I got to see the whole thing, rather than the butchered version. Come on BBCA! It's not like you were even cutting naughty bits...you just wanted room for more of your hideous commercials.

The last episode WAS extremely powerful and Olivia Colman's acting during the reveal was epic in her willingness to make the ugliest crying face ever. I liked that the Joe/Danny "relationship" was left ambiguous there was no easy psychological mop-ups. The reiteration of "how could you not know?" was a good "unifying theme" although I would have been just as happy if someone had thrown it back at Mark and Beth, because man they were two of the most annoying characters I've ever been asked to sympathize with.

Extra love for Arthur Darvill, who was way more interesting as the Rev. Coates than for any two consecutive seconds of Doctor Who.

I understood the need for the aftermath scenes, although I could have lived without the Mark/Joe confrontation, just because I honestly didn't think Mark had earned all that self-righteousness.

Best part was the Alec/Ellie scenes and I really want another series (AND YULETIDE FIC!) of them going somewhere and solving another crime. Of course in a way, the great joke of the whole series was that none of the so-called police work actually mattered worth a damn in solving the actual murder.

Also, David, in the name of all that is good and holy, next time around PLEASE SHAVE!

Hello Lisa E! Nice to see you actually getting to be competent and not getting stuck in a half-assed love-triangle plot or having your West Wing Roll rehashed. Hilariously, "Need To Know" is also a really good House episode from the 2nd Season AND probably the best White Collar episode because that formerly amusing show went totally tits up. So Castle writers....a smidge or originality in the episode names...PLEASE?

And while I'm begging...SHOW....SHOW....Please stop insulting my intelligence with the "Main character is poisoned and will die in 24 hours trope." Because this ain't Spooks and Castle ain't Captain Montgomery. He's not going to die. You know it. I know it. So not a whole lot of suspense there and the "emotional calls to Mom and Alexis" were double cringe-worthy because of it. (I didn't appreciate the bullshit "Beckett is going to step on a mine and die" plot last season either, especially as an excuse for a clip-show.)

Just do your cute banter, solve mysteries and have let Beckett have the occasional hate-sex vibe with Jack Coleman and I'll be happy.

Good-bye Lisa E! It was fun while it lasted. OH LOOK, Kate is just too good a person to work for our EEEEEEEVIL government. Big time eye-roll, although obviously they had to get a Status Quo Is God button in there somewhere.

I do hope Pi sticks around. I like Pi.

I feel like this show is getting better and better in terms of the warmth of the characters, believable development, world-building, character interaction and humor. Too bad the actual mysteries still suck.

HELLO MYCROFT....and doesn't Rhys Ifans make a lovely one? I adored him in Anonymous, even if he did turn out to be a bit of a woobie at the end. I'm sorry that this Mycroft isn't running the British Government, although I'd love it if one of his restaurants was a front for exactly that, but I'll take him on this show's terms and keep fingers crossed for future appearances. Lestrade, not so much.

I really like that they're showing that even if we can't all be Sherlock, that the SKILLS can be learned. Whereas ACD and most adaptations pay lip service to that idea, but continue to make Sherlock's abilities almost super-human.

On the other hand...you know things are bad in the script department when you're borrowing left-overs from Numb3rs, and don't tell me that one (Solve for X) wasn't.


Malcolm Merlyn, you magnificent bastard! Mrrrrrroowwww, especially when he's being a manipulative, magnificent bastard. I'm almost wishing/betting that his wife's death, which he's using to leverage everyone's emotions was actually a set-up.

As always, everyone else (Except maybe Walter) gets a hardy STFU, with Felicity at the top of the list this week. To quote Lisa Cuddy: She's not nearly as delightful as she thinks she is.

At least we were spared Island Flashbacks this episode, but the ONLY thing more ludicrous that Island Flashback Oliver's Hair is PRE-Island Flashback attempts to make Oliver look younger, but giving him, what I assume is supposed to be baby fat in his face to contrast with the current "chiseled" visage.

Two more episodes of this swill to get through before the season finale, which from what I hear will be the end of the line...although we all know that certain actors/characters have a hard time staying dead. That's not a spoiler, just a guess.
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