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Movie Review: Zero Charisma

The trailer makes it look like this is an affectionate comedy about RPG's and nerd-culture in general.

There are funny bits, but it's actually quite a bit more painful than that, and kind of verges on tragedy. Or maybe I just felt that way because I feel like I know most of these guys and have had that kind of friendship dynamic, based on dominating the group and being king of the losers.

The acting by Sam Eidson, in the lead roll was actually gut-wrenching and the scenes where he is humiliated made me want to cry and maybe even throw up.

Clearly the people who made this film KNOW the world they are working in and even the characters who might seem over-the-top cliches (the mother, especially) still have roots in the auxiliaries to the gamers and fans I used to know in the early 80's.

I really wish this movie had been the comedy it looked like, or maybe even a mockumentary about the the same characters. As it was, it felt too real to actually enjoy the humor. I will say this, the jumped-up hipster-nerd with a website made a VERY realistic foil and villain. I really wanted him to be totally destroyed. Scott gets a decent epiphany and not horrible ending, but it wasn't really a satisfying conclusion.

So while I feel the movie was well done, I can't say it was terribly enjoyable and if you see the trailer and think it looks like LULZ, it so much isn't.
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