karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Thank you, Virginia!

You really had me worried there. I don't care how close it was. I don't care if we had to make sure the Libertarian was in there to pull votes. All I care about is Creepy Cuccinelli, not getting one step closer to my reproductive freedom than necessary. Terry McAuliffe might be a bit of a sleaze, but he's MY sleaze!

Also, Congratulations and Jubilations to NYC! Yeah, I'm still a bit heart-broken about Tony, but this will be a massive improvement and the wing-nut whinging is ever so gratifying.

And speaking of wing-nut whinging---LOL at how pissed they are because even though Chris Christie IS a Republican Scumbag, he's not THEIR brand of Republican Scumbag. (In other words, not Scummy enough.)

Not a bad election night, but I STILL MISS KEITH!
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