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Arrow-Episodes 22 and 23

Lord willin' and the crick don't rise, I will never have to watch another episode of this unmitigated piece of shit. Halle-bloody-lu-jah! It's taken me this long to get through the last few eps because facing that level of dreck was just dispiriting.

Episode 22 was basically 40 minutes or so unadulterated tedium punctuated by a few fits of nausea related to the "triangle" crap with an awesome 3 or 4 minutes of Barrowman badassery at the end. God, it's good to see him in action.

Episode 23-You know, from looks of things, Malcolm was pretty much right on about the Glades. And it was so very, very satisfying seeing them go at the end and there was NOTHING Mr. Self-Righteous Whiney-Face and his "bros" could do about it.

This is the first time I think I've actually seen an actress who'd so ruined her face with botox that it was completely obvious. And it ain't like Katie Cassidy is the most expressive actress in the world to start out with. Daddy Dave should have passed on better genes than that.

Aside from the magnificent bastardy of Malcolm, about the only really moving bits were the Oliver/Tommy scenes. They were the only pairing (aside from Malcolm screwing everyone, con, dub, and non) that ever had a modicum of chemistry was Oliver/Tommy and that got completely wasted in the odiousness of making me believe that either of them gave a damn about Laurel.

And no, filming a kiss with a bunch of fake sunlight or whatever that was, doesn't not create passion when the actors are both cold fish.

I still don't give a flying Philadelphia fuck about ANYTHING that happened on the island.

So aside from dying, Malcolm still basically PWNS everyone, and John Barrowman gets to look fabulous in a handful of episodes. I got some nice screen-caps out of it. It was still a waste of everyone's time, especially Alex Kingston.

I'll do a post for the 100 TV Shows MEME to sum up the wretchedness, but in the meantime --- Free at last, free at last! Great god almighty; free at last. (Now I can get the 2nd season of The Wire and watch some amazing television without torturing myself with this drivel.)

To quote Malcolm Merlyn, "It can't be saved!"

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