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Musical weirdness

This happened last night at the Mint:

As some of you may know, there's a Simon and Garfunkel song called "Leaves That Are Green," which begins with the lines:

"I was 21 years when I wrote this song/I'm 22 now, but I won't be for long."

In 1983 Billy Bragg wrote a song called "A New England," and used the same opening lines. According to Wiki: Bragg stated that Simon and Garfunkel had a strong influence on him, and that he took the line from their song intentionally.

The song was covered by Kirsty MacColl and became a bit hit in the UK in 1984.

I got it into my head that this would be a good Karaoke song for me, so I downloaded a CDG version and burned a Karaoke disc for myself.

On the way up the hill to the Mint yesterday afternoon, I was playing the song over and over on my Ipod to get it into my head and upon arrival, I immediately put it up as my first song.

Just before I sang it, our wonderful KJ, "Daddy" Dave, sang the Simon and Garfunkel song. I was a bit gobsmacked, but thought, "Oh cool! Daddy knows both songs and thought it would be cute to do the Simon and Garfunkel one first."

When I got on stage to do my song, I asked if he'd done it on purpose and he had no idea what I was talking about, had never even heard of "A New England," and had been planning to sing "Leaves That Are Green," just because of the season and thinking it would be funny to sing those lines, since he (like myself) is long past the age of 22.

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