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New Year's Eve rambling.

For those who read my last post, the movie in question was Little Children . Utter crap despite the names, nominations and reviews. It was so weird seeing Mr. Wilson #2 pop up in a somewhat Bonnie-esque role. She seems to be one of those actresses who can do one type very well. It would interesting to see if she can something else.

Oh, BTW, we watched Fur the other day too because Hubby got a new digital camera recently and is reading a lot of photography books, books about photographers etc. Oh. My. God. And not in a good way. What the hell were they thinking? I'm sure there's a great movie to be made about Diane Arbus. That sure as hell wasn't it. I really hate movies where the "hot, liberating, sex" makes me want to giggle (as it did here) or avert my gaze (Little Children.)

Can't anybody film a hot sex scene anymore?

I went to the gym this morning, partly to get a last workout in for 2007, but also to take a hot shower. There has been no hot water at Chez karaokegal for about three days. The pilot was out on our hot-water heater for the first time since we've been in the apartment, which is creeping up on 20 years or so. (SCARY!) Anyway, Greg from PG&E came over this morning and lit it up with a wooden match held in what looked like a roach clip. Thank you, Greg!

I'm going to try for a run/walk/run tomorrow. Hopefully about 8 miles.

Two fics going up shortly, one Torchwood and the new RPS. I'm somewhat perturbed. There was a HL/RSL fic posted today at hugh_and_robert and from the Title/Summary, it sounds like it covers the same territory. I realize that just as with fictional canon, we're all drawing from the same well, and no one "owns" anything. I'd just don't want it thought that I'm plagiarizing, especially after what we all went through earlier this year. I can point to the Golden Globe post as the day I physically started writing mine, but really, it's been percolating since the day I finished the last one.

After a week of whinging and whining, one of my yuletide fics has finally garnered two honest-to-god recs making me a happy, happy girl. The names get revealed tomorrow at which point, I'll be doing some serious pimpage.

I'm STILL working on a very long, very dark Jeevesfic, an original erotica for submission to an anothology and of course NOVEL 2008 is underway. I'm really hoping to focus on NOVEL 2008 and fend off as many plot bunnies as possible, so I don't know how much fanfic you're going to see from me next year.

You know it's a good karaoke night when you almost lose your voice. Last night was AWESOME. Me, Sebastian, Peggy, Big Tony, Daddy Dave and a special appearance by Tood and Lane who I haven't seen in ages. Peggy & Tony sang "You Don't Bring Me Love Songs," which is amazing when you realize that one of Tony's stand-by numbers is "Too Drunk To Fuck" by the Dead Kennedys.

My list-
That Old Black Magic-Louis Prima/Keely Smith-Duet with Peggy.
The Man Who Shot Libery Valence-Gene Pitney-Requested by Jim
Dancin' In the Dark-Bruce Springsteen-requested by Peggy, with Tony coming on stage as my personal Courtney Cox at the end.
Daddy's Home-Cliff Richard version-For Daddy Dave
Build Me Up Buttercup-The Foundations-Because I love singing it.

Tony wanted me to do Rock Lobster, but I just said no, no, no.

Sebastian and Daddy Dave sang "At The Zoo" by Simon and Garfunkle, which was sad because of what happened this week at the San Francisco Zoo.

It was one of those karoake nights where I'm absolutely giddy with happiness and it feels like being drunk and high and sexy all at once.

I came home with food for hubby and after some fuck-wittery about the DVD we had for Heroes, we instead finished out the final Season of Deadwood. God that
show was brilliant. Every episode. Every moment. Every word. From beginning to end. Comepletely awesome. One of those shows where you want to gobble it up, but you're sad when it's over just because you want more.

The Heroes problem was that we had disk 6, but when we started watching it, the "Previously On Heroes" stuff didn't look like anything we'd seen, so I thought we'd missed a disk. I ran over to Faye's Video and got disk 5 (gave back 6) took it home, but then it turned out we HAD seen disk 5. So I'm an idiot, I guess. I'm still liking the show well enough, but not on that "I genuflect to David Milch's genius" level. One the other hand, Christopher Eccleston and George Takei in on episode of ANYTHING is nothing to sneeze at.

So I think what I'm going to do is post fic, run up to the Mint for a few Happy New Years and a song, if it's not too crowded and then come back here for some DVDS. (Putting It Together and then a Hugh Grant fluff festival.)

Happy New Year guys. You're the best and I love you!
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