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The Nature of Scorpions by daasgrrl.
Also at A03

Characters/Pairings: Mycroft/Sherlock
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2,200
Warnings/contents: sibling incest, dub-con elements, unhappy endings

SO PERFECT! So much pain and angst and self-hatred and miscommunication and love that will never, ever, ever be happy! See folks? THIS is how it's done. This is why I still bother keeping my f-list and looking for fics that scratch the itch. Because some people are still writing them.



Not Tonight, Josephine: a duet by paperclipbitch


Beautiful, brittle and witty. Another gem of back-story by the queen of minimalist angst herself.

Not David Bowie by

Sherlock, Joan (slight Joan/Bell)
Sherlock as a maverick knitting designer.

AND she can also do a bit of witty crack, when the mood calls for it and still somehow capture the essence of the characters.


Sunset Boulevard-Yuletide fic

Remember how I said I was still working on reading Yuletide 2012 fic? Well I found an absolute GEM!

Lebenswerk by Selena

If you love Sunset Boulevard, old movies in general, Hollywood history, cunning mixes of fiction and RPF or just amazingly good, detailed, well-researched writing, you MUST read this. Give yourself time and do not do it public transportation because you WILL miss your stop. This is clearly SUCH a labor of love for both the source material and the characters who inspired it and it even comes with absolutely luscious picture. I won't even spoil the fictional name drops because recognizing them is part of the fun.

This is everything Yuletide fic can be.

Go. Read. Give love.



The Game by luciusmistress.

Characters: Jack, Tosh
Rating: R
Warnings: Voyerism
Words: 350
Summary: Over the years, Jack has developed the Game.

Yes. Still. After everything. I am reading good real!Jack Torchwood fic and here's a lovely little vignette from MMOM. (It's NOT a drabble though. Sorry, honey.) Jack is so very, very Jack here. Makes you cry for what should have been, but it's also a hot bit as well.

Tags: elementary, fanfic, jack/tosh, pimping, real!jack, sherlock, sherlock/mycroft, torchwood, yuletide

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