karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Was that really necessary?

Client had a missed limo pick up back in September and got a free transfer certificate from the limo company. Since the missed pick up was a sedan, the certificate was for a sedan.

Today he had his admin trying to use the certificate for personal travel tomorrow, which his wife, two kids and luggage and decided he must have an SUV. He then DEMANDED we get the company to honor the certificate for the SUV.

EVEN if they'd been willing to do so (AND WHY THE HELL SHOULD THEY?), being as it's the day after fucking Christmas, there was no one there who even had the authority to do so. After much whining, begging, pleading and tap dancing, I got someone to OK the use of the Sedan certificate toward the cost of the SUV.

At which point he decided a Sedan would be fine!

All's well, etc, but I really need some digitalis and Clairol immediately.
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