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Starting 2014 with 10 miles.

Which is probably longer than I've gone since my last half marathon, over two years ago, I think.

Distance: 10.01 mi
Time: 3:18:34

Not fast enough to justify signing up for a 1/2 Marathon yet, but I'm really happy I was able to keep going, in spite of back pain starting at about 5 miles. Had to stop for one potty break. (Thank you to the nice man at Capurros Restaurant for letting me use the loo.)

I cheated a little by going all flat, but in this case I mostly wanted to get the distance under my belt.

Also rode the bike to/from the gym, so I could start from there and have a better chance of forcing myself to stretch afterwards.

This is the link to my course and stats.

Also consider it major shilling for the Garmin Forerunner. If, like me, you haven't joined the cult of the Iphone yet, and therefore don't have an app that tracks everything, this little gizmo, is the answer to prayers because you're not forced to stick to a particular route just because you know the mileage.

Yes, I do have a green one! The GPS did have a little trouble finding me downtown, probably because of the tall buildings, but once it had me, we were good to go.
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