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Now is the time to join yuletide

Even if you didn't participate, and the sight of the archive search engine gives you a case of the heebie-jeebies, this is the moment. Damn all the odds...this day or never, I'll live forever with the gods..

If you go to yuletide now and add it to your F-list, you'll get a daily post with a about 4 or 5 stories from this years exchange. They're posted in the order they were uploaded, which effectively randomizes the fandom, a random older story of the day, and any New Years Resolution stories that have been uploaded the day before. You also get an unfulfilled request which might spark your muse in weird and wonderful ways.

You'll also see rec posts and people posting about what a fabulous experience this has been, which hopefully will encourage you to give it a go when the chance comes up again. (Yeah, njzynj, I'm looking at you.)

This way you basically have the whole yuletide smorgasboard brought to you in managable servings as well as getting an idea of the kind of fandoms available and the chance to see fic in a fandom that you always wanted to read but didn't think existed.

The first couple of weeks will probably have a lot of New Years Resolutions fic as well. (I'm about to post mine, because I was an idiot and screwed up my chance to get it posted earlier.)

You also now have about 10 months to start thinking about what fandoms you might request next year or volunteer to write in. I know I am.

For all the whinging and whining I did, and thanks to ALL of you who put up with it, I think yuletide is AWESOME and I want all of you to participate.

I'll be pimping my own fics in a few more days, but the reveal is up, so you can find me in the search engine.
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