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Read this book #1-Sugar Blues by William Dufty

Originally published in 1975, this is a well-written, easy to read, and devastating indictment of the most dangerous and addictive white powder known to man. The author, was the ghost-writer of "Lady Sings The Blues" and was the father of Bevan Dufty, currently a San Francisco City Supervisor, which has no relevance whatsoever, but which I find amusing.

There's some chemistry, some history, some sociology and a bit of preaching in here, as well as Gloria Swanson. Basically it tells you exactly what this shit does to your mind and body and it ain't pretty.

Obviously there are people who can use sugar socially, just like there are non-alcoholic social drinkers, but I do believe that anyone who has made the decision that they need to either lose weight or adjust something in their fitness will probably need to kick sugar and I can tell you from experience, it's a brutal detox.

I first read this book very close to the time it came out. It was a bit of a "tract" in our house because of my father's food issues, along with his OA pamphlets.

I will say up front, there's a lot of Taoism and Macrobiotics in there. He produced an English edition of Nyoiti Sakurazawa's You Are All Sanpaku; the book credited with starting the macrobiotic food movement in America. It may come across very 70's or hippy-dippy/airy-fairy at some points, but there's also some good, hard, practical advice in there, and most important the reminder that SUGAR IS BAD!

I can't stand with my hand on a copy of the book and say that I've completely kicked or made peace with sugar. It's like all addictions, baffling, cunning and powerful, but having more or less imbibed, memorized and re-reading it does help either keep on the straight and narrow (this time around) OR reminds me why I'm so very, very fucked up.

I come from a long line of short, fat, Jewish women with hypoglycemia, who will KILL YOU, if you keep them from getting food when a crash is happening, and there's no doubt in my mind that if left to my own devices, I will eat my way into diabetes.

Get a cheap paperback copy and give it a try. It might piss you off something fierce, as most of the books I'm going to recommend are capable of doing, but it might also save your life.
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