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Yuletide reveal-Elementary fic.

Title: Yin and Yang
Fandom: Elementary
Pairing: Joan Watson/Ms. Hudson
Characters: Joan Watson, Ms. Hudson, Marcus Bell, Sherlock Holmes, Tobias Gregson
Rating: PG13
Written for Dytabytes
Notes: Canon compliant through "On The Line." A million thanks to my hard-working betas rose_cat and beta_goddess.
Summary: Sherlock is out of town. Joan handles a murder and brings people together, maybe even herself and a certain divine muse.


It turns out ALL of my wonderful Yuletide fics were written by one amazing writer: minim_calibre

Two perfect angsty-sexy Broadchurch fics and the Avalon fic of my dreams.

Yesterday Is Here

Today is Grey Skies

You've Got Me Girl on the Run Around Run Around
Tags: fanfic, pimping, yuletide
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