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Accomplishments and craziness

I can now do at least a ten-count for a side plank on one hand instead of perched on my fore-arm. Mind you I can't get from fore-arm to hand, but I can get onto hand and stay there for a few seconds.

I wore The Pants today. Size 13, low-rider jeans. There's a lot of spandex involved and definite pressure on the sciatic nerve, but I was able to zip them up, go to brunch, sit down and eat.


Then the crazy set in. This was my normal, once-a-week, "budgeted" splurge brunch at Chow, and I'd already been to the gym to do weights/core-work/AND treadmill.

BUT after brunch, I decided I had to compensate for the extra calories and went for an hour bike ride before the shopping. I'm trying to avoid that kind of thinking. I don't think I'm on the verge of exercise anorexia just yet, but it's a bad habit to get into.
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