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I've inherited a Kindle

Having joined the cult of the Iphone, it was probably inevitable that Hubby would then join the cult of the Ipad as well. He did this mostly for the drawing apps. (He'd already purchased one kind of tablet and discovered it wasn't what he wanted.) HOWEVER, since he now has Kindle for Ipad, which he likes much better, and I am the (proud?) owner of his Kindle DX and no idea what to really do with it.

As a result of burning my eyes out reading fanfic on-line for a few years, I now find it very hard to read anything longer than a short blog-post on the computer. One reason it's taking so long to get through my fanfic list is that I basically have to print it out and usually the only place I read is rare occasions I'm still on public transportation or when I'm at the Mint waiting to sing. It's not like I'm doing much better at reading book books either. In the past year, I only finished the Lawrence Harvey biography and a book about locovore eating. I have the usual stack, but since I'm usually distracted by being on line OR my eyes are shot anyway and I have focus problems....(YEAH, I'M GETTING OLD!) So not much reading getting done.

But I WANT to read. I'm a person who has always defined themselves by either consuming or producing the written word in some form. My earliest identity was bookworm. (As in the one who hid in a corner reading during family social events.)

The question is whether I look for Kindle versions of the books I already own and have been trying to read for the last few months....or over a year, and somehow never getting past the first five pages over and over or whether I try a beloved favorite first, just to get used to the experience. Also, I know there's some function on A03 to get the fics in a E-readable format...do I just hit the "download" button?

Of course the most important thing is making it look pretty. The cover that hubby was using is shot to shit. So among the new toys I want to purchase, possibly today, is a cover. Then I'll figure out the rest.

Your thoughts, suggestions, helpful hints etc are greatly appreciated.
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