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Follow ups.

Three days and still rolling, rolling, rolling. In fact, it's easier to get up around five AM and drag my foam roller into the hall-way and do it there, rather than waste gym time once I'm there. It's starting to hurt a little less and I actually deliberately went longer this morning so I could work on my lower back.

In reply to a question about foam rollers, I found this article, which you may find helpful, interesting etc.

Weight loss this week was 1/2 pound, which since this is the "problem week" in my girl-stuff month, is fine and still keeps me under 150. I want 140 so bad I can (hahah) taste it, but I know it's better if I get there on the same schedule I've more on so far, which is pretty much an average of 1 1/2 lbs per week.

My co-worker is MIA for the fore-seeable future. His father had a triple by-pass on the Friday right after New Years, and poor co-worker had to try and get out to New England in the middle of all the storm craziness. There's no additional coverage to the remaining team-members will be doubling in brass for at least a few weeks.

He was a wreck on Thursday and Friday-couldn't work at all. Maybe I'm cold-blooded, but I kept thinking I would have worked. Of course, I missed getting home when my father died. LONNNNNGGGGGG STORRRRRY, and my general reaction to tragedy is to get brittle and business like.

Some of his clients are super-crazy problem children. He's got a much better temperament for dealing with them than I do. This oughta be fun.

Regarding that Kindle...turns out that more than the cover was shot to shit. The button which I assume does most of the scrolling is cracked. Hubby offered to get me a new Kindle for 79.00, but I wanted a free one. So I did the next best thing and went on Craigslist. Picked one up for $45.00 and did the deal in front of Cafe Palio on Montgomery Street. Don't tell Hubby.

Further to semi-gafiating, I tried to download the first episode of the new Sherlock series and it kept timing out. Then I realized, it will be on PBS Masterpiece Mystery in a few weeks, and I can DVR it and hopefully get an intro by Alan Cummings as well. Thanks to still being on Tumblr and in touch with various LJers etc. I'm spoiled enough to know THE BIG STUFF but not anything that should keep me from actually enjoying whatever mystery there might be.

It will be interesting to see how much I can watch it "non-fannishly" and whether that will make a difference. Although my Sherlock/Mycroft shipping glasses (and my loathing of John/Sherlock fanservice) will most likely be pretty firmly in place.

Regarding the diet/exercise/fitness aspect of the blog going foward....any particular topics along those lines you'd like me to address? And is anyone finding this stuff triggery? I'm using cuts, but I'm not inclined to do warnings. This is what I'm banging on about, and if someone really has issues, they'll figure out soon enough that The Chelsea Drugstore is closed and Monsoon Poultry Hospital is dishing out a different brand of medicine.
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