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And you know it don't come easy....

Right now it's the food prep part that's beating me down. I feel like I spent at least four or five HOURS on Saturday chopping/cutting/washing/cooking etc, and then last night I went to Whole Foods and came home and did a shitload more. I know I could use more frozen veggies and Lean Cuisine, but honestly---I can't. Part of the process has been weaning myself away from that stuff. I'm not a locavore, although I was trying for awhile. (One word: bananas!)

However, I am pretty much over any veggies that don't get to my kitchen in something resembling their natural form.

Since I pretty much need fruits and veggies for every meal, and that means carrying enough to work for two meals and having it ready to go when I get home, so there's no temptation to get into the crap....the slicing and dicing goes on.

I DID make a batch of brown rice with the rice cooker that hubby (or me, can't remember) bought many years ago with high hopes and ended up not using more than once or twice. Tonight or tomorrow I'll try it on the quinoa. (Quinoa ALWAYS makes me think of White Collar.) Yes, I've become the kind of person who eats brown rice and quinoa. And Chard and Kale.

This is one reason I started the "fitness" series with a note about lack of fannish energy. I can squeeeee or I can chop. I can fic or I can get up and ride the bike 12 miles before work. I realize there are people who do both and there are women who have kids who chop and cook and make lunches every day for years. Luckily I'm not those women. I do this for myself, but I'd hardly do it for some brat.

So is it worth it? I hadn't seen Yanni in about 10 days, since he got stranded back East in the storm and was away from Karaoke for a week. He was fuckin' gobsmacked. And I know Yanni. He wouldn't be polite about my weight. That's Sebastian. If Yanni says I look hot, I look hot.

Damn right it's worth it!
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