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Read this book #2-Plenty-One Man, One Woman, and a Raucus Year of Eating Locally.

Or an absolutely hideous subtitle.
By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon

As I mentioned in the previous post, I like bananas (and pineapples) too much to be a locavore. That being said, it's certainly worth considering the issues raised in the book, such as the carbon footprint of our food, freshness, processing, and how our consumer culture separates us from the food itself. There's some funny stuff, some sad stuff, some interesting recipes and what I found to be a compelling personal story of the two people involved as they try to eat locally for a year in British Columbia. I love the part where Alisa keeps bugging the fish-market people to tell her where the fish came from because she's trying to stay within a 100 mile radius and they just look at her like she's nuts.

They also struggle with vegetarianism, sugar addiction, (and touch on some dear to my heart issues about the politics of sugar), caffeine addiction etc. Purely on the (ahem) coffee grounds alone, my dear hubby could never go locavore. (Until they start growing coffee beans in California, anyway.)

It's another one of my favorite kind of books where the personal story is interwoven with politics, history, sociology etc. Lots of humor. Apparently growing local walnuts near BC requires the same kind of security as your average meth lab.

I would like to give my slightly battered, but hard-covered copy to a good home. First person to email or PM me with a request and address gets it.

ETA: And the winner is ladyjane.
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