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Sherlock-The Empty Hearse

Sherlock's back and so is QUEEN BITCH K-GAL.

Such a delightful and very hardy fuck you to John "Butt Monkey" Watson. I was beyond deliriously happy to see that after he was total self-righteous COCK to Mycroft, it turns out that A. Mycroft did NOT betray Sherlock. B. Sherlock trusted MYCROFT with the plan to save him and NOT John. C. Sherlock and Mycroft are clearly soul-mates. D. Mycroft and Sherlock still have the most chemistry of ANY couple in the show.(Number 2 is Sherlock/Moriarty, but that's cos Andrew Scott is a sexy beast.) E. Unlike ACD Canon, it's clear that the staying away was ALL about not trusting John to not blurt out the secret as opposed to any kind of protection or concern.

The whole thing was delicious. THIS John is barely a soldier, hardly a good doctor and just not in any way worthy of Sherlock's genuine respect. Sherlock doesn't even really NEED him. Molly can do the job just as well. Pretty much anyone could. Honestly, I haven't been this happy with the debunking of a ship since Children of Earth.

I loved Mary much more than I thought I would, especially her chemistry with Sherlock, since she clearly also treats John like a wayward child. My only regret is that this really does put the end to the dream that BBC Watson would/could ever be proven to be a Three-Continents sort although that sort of went out the window just by casting Martin Freeman.

The piss-taking of the fandom itself was also fun, but probably wouldn't have been so if I actually felt like a member of it. ESPECIALLY the way they undermined ALL the so-called "FEELS" and angst that followed Reichenbach. None of it mattered to Sherlock and therefore not to Moff/Gattiss. It WAS all emotional manipulation, which anyone with a iota of canon knowledge knew anyway. Aside from the BEING A COCK TO MYCROFT scene, it was the graveside whinging where I went from tolerating John to putting him in the permanent "STFU" category.

Using Anderson as the ultimate fanboy was really a delicious conceit, and leaves me with safe head-canon that Sally came out of the whole mess unscathed emotionally, and is doing her job somewhere on the fast track to DI. (And possibly writing Sally/Sherlock reunion fic.)

The Tumblr Squeeeee had me dreading a hideous schmoop-fest and it all turned out lovely and tart and snarky and SHERLOCK/MYCROFT RULES!
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