karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Got my Bryan Ferry ticket!

I pounced as soon as they went on sale this AM and got a reasonably priced seat in the Loge. And since I didn't end up spending on fortune on Stub Hub or something, I'm springing for the "Telegraph Room" i.e. the VIP lounge.

I'm really excited and happy about this. Especially having a good seat. Last time was good, but being up in a high balcony was kind of MEH, not to mention being there with Hubby, who I knew was just not really into it AT ALL. Better to be alone, among the Ferry Fans and really getting to see whatever fabulous outfit he will be wearing.

Barring a very UNLIKELY chance to see either Cliff Richard or Robbie Williams, which would probably require a trip over-seas, Bryan is pretty much the only headliner, I'm willing to pay concert ticket prices for and go through the whole concert hassle for. I love him SO MUCH!

So far I've seen him on the Bete Noir tour 88 or 89, which was somewhere in Oakland, that in my memory was like a high-school auditorium rather than a proper theater, although I'm sure that can't be right. The Mamouna tour in 1994, which I think was the Warfield, where I got GA Floor seats and stood, but got quite close. The Roxy Reunion Tour 2003-Concord Pavillion-notable for the opening act being Rufus Wainwright, when I'd barely head of him. I missed seeing him on the As Time Goes By tour, which would have been awesome. Then last year in Oakland for Olympia. He always puts on an amazing show, and I'm so obsessed with his sexy, sad, romantic persona.

He's 69 and I'd still do him in a HEARTBEAT. Of course at my advanced age, I'm way too old for him. He recently married a woman 37 years younger than him, who used to date one of his sons.
He also dumped his gorgeous wife Lucy after 20 years of marriage in 2003 and had an affair with one of his back-up singers, age about 20.

I don't care. Still love him. Still want him. Still hyper-thrilled to be going to the conert.
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