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A joke?

I'm working on three multi-city Asia itineraries for some top people in the Law Firm, including the most demanding of the Partners who has driven me and my co-worker to near tears on occasion with his "requests" which end up taking hours of research. One of those guys whose tuchus can never be allowed to touch a coach class seat or a taxi-cab, even when he's on firm-business, which is supposed to be in Economy Class.

Getting him to tell me what he wants for these itineraries has been night-marish, but when I guess wrong, I get berated and then he comes back and tells me what he actually wants. Which keeps changing.

OK. Fine. Another day in paradise, right?

Yesterday I get an email forwarded from the Partner that includes the line: Also see if we can make it to miami beach (sic) for dinner on 3/28.

That sounds pretty straightforward. Leave Tokyo, the last stop in Asia, and go to Miami. Considering that this is already a massive trip, why not?

So I spend the last part of the day booking and pricing fares to do exactly that, and I then send the itineraries back to the admin.

Just got this: He is saying that the Miami part was a joke.

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