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A hearty THANK YOU

To Trish at the Westin Melbourne. (That's Melbourne, Australia, not Florida.)

Trish was exactly as perky and awesome as you'd expect a gal at the Westin in Melbourne, Australia to be. I was trying to book five hotel rooms, for what turned out to be the same time as the Grand Prix (who knew?) and I went to book the 2nd one and all of a sudden the hotel showed sold out. So I got on the phone to Melbourne (as you do) and got the lovely Trish, who proceeded to find a way to confirm four more rooms for me, and patiently took all the information and sent me the confirmations.

This happened at the very end of my day, although it was 12N tomorrow in Melbourne.

So if you ever happen to be in Melbourne, please stay at the Westin and if you get a chance, give my love to Trish. (And maybe the whole city, if not the whole continent!) She really saved my sorry American ass.
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