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Starting the morning with a handful of pills


So this is what I take every day along with 1 Cup Nonfat milk and one tablespoon chia/flax seed.

1. 800 mgs Ibuprofen

If you start exercising, you will feel pain. Pain is bad. Pain sucks. You know why they call it pain? Because it hurts. Thanks. We'll be in town all week. Please tip your waitress. Some idiot will tell you pain is a message and you should stop working out. This has ALWAYS stopped me before. Muscle spasms. Sore joints. Sciatica. Twisted things. Kinks. Aches. Pain. It's bullshit. Take something. Take a lot of something. If you have Ibuprofen issues take whatever you can take and whatever you can get. Do not stop exercising because of pain. Pain is your body NOT helping. The Ibuprofen gets me through most weight/core/abs/bicycle days. For running days, I take Flexeril and Vicodin. Otherwise my lower back will just plain seize up around 5 or 6 miles. Yes, I am a complete and total hypocrite on this matter, since I'm the same one who sneers at hubby for taking Nyquil when he has a cold. Tough Shit! I need to run/walk/run and I need an opiate to do it. If I could get Oxy, I'd probably take that too.

2. 2 Acai Berry Supplements

They allegedly suppress appetite and help burn fat. I have no idea if they do any such thing, but they don't make me feel buzzy and the weight is coming off. I think I started because I saw a post from Jennifer Morrison on Twitter endorsing them. Hey if skinny Jen says they're good, they must be awesome, right? I assume if they're doing anything it's placebo effect and since NOBODY KNOWS how that works, what they hell? I'm afraid to stop.

3. Priobiotic pill.
Let's have some TMI, shall we. Healthy eating can fuck with your innards something fierce. In this journey, I've experienced MASSIVE constipation and flatulence on the grand scale, plus just general gurglyness, probably from the amount of diet soda/fizzy water and sugarless gum I'm going through. At one point, in an effort to incorporate more leafy greens, I was experimenting with things like Kale, Collard Greens, Chard etc. I ended up so gassy I could fart the William Tell Overture, complete with cannon sounds. I really thought my tummy was going explode one night, so now my leafiest green is spinach and the "country greens" are out of the picture. I also take the priobiotic pill in the morning and keep some simethicone pills nearby. I also hope my cubicle provides some insulation for both my noise and my stench.

4. Multivitamin. Assume when you give up whatever you need to give up, you'll lose some nutrients in the process. Make up for them with a nice multi. Not pictured is the gorgeous indigo blue high-dosage vitamin D pill my doctor prescribed after my last blood panel showed I was vitamin D deficient. (As opposed to the low iron I was expecting.)

5. Whole Mega Fish Oil Supplement
For my ancient, creaky, decrepit joints. I was taking Glucosamine Chondroitin for the same purpose, but I feel the fish oil pills are accomplishing more. Although it's possible that I made the change around the same time I'd actually lost enough weight that my knees were just happier with less of me to schlep around.
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