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Vacation - Day 1

7AM-Phone interview for position with American Express. I really want this job although Hubby is still giving me the stink-eye about reduced salary and having to work nights/weekend-this from the guy who works 7PM-7AM three nights a week.

I thought the interview went fairly well, and the interviewer made two follow up calls for additional info in the course of the day. Still a long shot, but she did say she was recommend me to the Hiring Manager for the next stage, whatever that means.

10AM-Eye exam at Site For Sore Eyes-I am in desperate need of updated glasses for both my reading glasses and progressives. Seriously, with what I've got now, I can't see shit. Best part, my current insurance covers the exam and between the insurance and last years HSA money, I don't have to pay anything out of pocket for the glasses themseves. Basically getting one new pair of reading and two of the progressives without spending a penny of my own dinero...except to the extent that 1/2 the HSA money came out of my salary last year.

530PM-"Happy Hour" yoga class at Laughing Lotus. I don't think I've taken a class since the last time I had a week of and that was last year. It's a fairly easy class and since between stress and lack of stretching, I'm more or less one giant knot, I was went very easy on myself. At least point if I get a few get stretches, some deep breathing and a bit of relaxation from a class, I'm ahead of the game. It's nice to be part of the Yoga Mat brigade again.

Plan for tonight is an episode of The Wire (Season 2), some editing work (Yes, The Fiction Guru IS still open for business) and as much sleep as I can get.

I had some diet soda to psych myself up before the interview, but other than that no soda or gum today, so I'm in a bit of detox from the various chemical nasties involved in those addictions.
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