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Vacation - Day 2

Bike ride:


Distance: 19.64 mi
Time: 2:53:33

Mostly just trying to stay in the saddle with as few traffic light stops as possible.

Training session with Peggy-Abs/Core/Stretching/TRX

She's worried about the tightness in my muscles as well as my potential ED crazy.

Got my nails done w/silk wrap-This color: Animalistic by OPI

It's a nice, happy color.

Tonight is going to be rough---I'm having a fasting blood draw but not until 930AM...that's a long time to go, considering I'm struggling with every second before I usually have my milk at 5:00AM. If I'm up at that hour and can't stay in the apartment, I might head downtown and weigh in, then come back and take some yoga before the blood draw, that way I can eat or drink something as soon as it's done. I'll also have the best possible shot at that mystical 135 on the Evil Scale God.
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