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Vacation-Day 4

Took a very slow walk up to Sessions on Market St. to drop off the rest of my payment to Peggy and then to the Portrero Hill 24 Hour Fitness. I did foam roller, push-ups and abs/butt with the stability ball. Then some tricep overheads and skull-crushers and then I BONKED something fierce and had to go home for some food.

330PM-I had a "meeting/interview" at the agency I worked at before arriving at the Desk Of Doom. I met with the COO and the Director of Operations. They talked to me for about an hour, took lots of notes. They said they didn't have anything now, but MIGHT have something coming up. It would be nice to go back there. The office is lovely, I still know a lot of people, who apparently all speak highly of me. I'd be downtown, able to keep riding my bike and working out and probably make enough to keep hubby happy. Another job I want, but doubt I'll get. (I'm really afraid to hope anymore. I'd rather be surprised than disappointed.)

Spent a pleasant evening with my friend Ivan, who I've been trying to blast out of his self-pity/islolation bunker for awhile, so that was good. We got him a pizza from Mozzeria, which I enjoyed vicariously and a bit jealously. Quesadilla is one thing, a Mozzeria Pizza I KNOW I'm not ready for.
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