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Vacation-Day 5 (Including good news on the lipid front)

7AM-I finally got it together to take the "Morning Flow" yoga class at Laughing Lotus.
Really tight. Just getting through all the "downward facing dog" was an accomplishment. No legs behind the ears for me.

Then I rode my bike to the doctor's office for my physical exam. Of course, this got my blood pressure up so high we had to do it again at the end of the exam, just to prove it was the exertion and that I don't actually have high blood pressure.

The best news out of the exam, (aside from getting the WOW reaction to my weight loss from Dr. Chin) was that my LDL (bad cholesterol) is down from 156 in September to 73. So giving up all mayonnaise (tuna salad, chicken salad etc) as well as all my cheese, plus all the exercise, had some genuine physical results beyond the weight loss.

I also got a Tetanus jab and did another blood test (NOT FASTING!) to see if I have Hep C.

I walked verrrryyy slowly to the office (2.56 miles in about 1 hr 15 min) and called IT to figure out what was wrong with Outlook and VPN, rather than having to deal with it on Monday when the calls would be coming in and my co-workers would need me up and running. Turned out my password had expired. OOPS.

Then I had my massage from Winnie at Mochi Massage on Market St. Less froofy hand-holding and fluffy-bathrobes than Burke Williams, but a better value. More real body-work and Winnie is just awesome, both as a practitioner and someone I can talk to.

My Psoas and Periformis were (and are) just tight as hell and she was able to release a lot of that tension.

An extra bonus was that I was able to use more of last years HSA money, so no "out of pocket." Woooohooooo!

I did get an email back from my former employer more or less slamming that door for the time being and I haven't heard back from AMEX yet. So it's definitely back to the hell-hole on Monday. My next week off is in May, and since I've gotten all this "maintenance" out of the way, if I haven't gotten any travel-related jobs by then, I will say "screw the money" to hubby and do more serious investigation of the dog-related opportunities in SF.

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