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Too much food drama.

I was facing the prospect of a brunch at Chow with Hubby today AND his promised birthday dinner at Fog City Diner tomorrow. Again, for a normal person this would be a big nothing. Two restaurant meals at great places; no problem.

It was driving me nuts. I'm still obsessed with taking off a few more pounds and I've been fighting a lot of starch/sugar/fat cravings lately. So part of me was going, MMMMMMM Pancakes, or even an omelet WITH home fries, but nononononono because I also had the dinner coming up and if I had TWO BIG MEALS in one weekend, I'd probably gain rather than losing. So that meant doing the quinoa/fruit/yogurt at Chow and saving the big calorie bomb for Fog City....but I just ran/walk/ran 6.32 miles in the pouring rain and got SOAKED and no I don't want cold quinoa/fruit/yogurt....I want something hot and fatty and satisfying and if I can't have it, I'll be angry and miserable.


All this crap was running through my head during my training run in the POURING RAIN:


I came home looking like a drowned water rat and told Hubby we were NOT going out for brunch. I'd cook him something here, which I did. No Chow. No Drama. I was able to have my controlled, measured, portions of my low-cal food, and I didn't have to go back out in the rain. The most splurgy part was an extra cup of fruit.

Now I just have to get through the dinner tomorrow, but I'll deal with that when it happens.

Just hate the drama...also note to self---yes the Odwalla shake is delicious, it's also a calorie bomb without enough bulk to give any long-lasting mouth or tummy fullness, so it has go on the stay away list.
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