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100 TV Shows #76-Emergency!


Lots of crush material for my my pre-prepubescent self AND my first role model. The first thing I knew I wanted to be was a nurse and it was because of this woman:

She was so funny and smart and competent and everyone seemed to love her. Maybe I even had an early girl-crush on her.

Of course there was also this man, who I had posters of on my bedroom walls (before either Jimmy Page or Don Johnson appeared there) directly from the pages of 16 Magazine.

But in retrospect, I think I liked him better:

(Nice cigarette you've got there, Doctor Brackett.)

One of many reasons that Megaforce may be my favorite bad movie ever is his appearance. (Along with Barry Bostwick's baby blue jumpsuit.)

I definitely had some head-canon about him and Dixie. Of course it was only later on that I ever heard the sublime Julie's rendition of "Cry Me a River," or found out that she was once married to Jack Webb, that Jack was the producer of the show, that she was then married to Bobby Troup, and Jack cast them both in spite of that, or that Bobby Troup was also a famous musician and that he wrote Route 66.

Back then I just was about pretty Randy Mantooth, cute Kevin Tighe, handsome Robert Fuller, and awesome Dixie! I can barely remember any actual plots, a few bits of lame humor from the guy with the mustache who looked like Gene Shallit and the fact that every episode ended with a MAJOR fire that managed to involve all the characters in both the firehouse and the hospital, plus whoever the guest star of the week was.

I do find it amusing that the latest attempt to do a fireman based drama, includes the ever-so-pretty Jesse Spencer. If anyone ever belonged in 16 Magazine, it's him.
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