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Operation Birthday Dinner-Mission Accomplished!


I sort of feel guilty that what should have been his special day got all wrapped up in my food crazy. Hopefully, I can be saner next year. It was not easy eating fish and veggies (even with a lethal amount of lemon butter) while he scarfed a massive hunk of well-marbled dead cow, but I really did appreciate the lovely bowl of fresh fruit they brought me on request.

Fruit at Fog City

Scale day tommorow and I'm trying to both chill about it and manage NOT to self-sabotage. Gotta hit the scale BEFORE I have my milk tomorrow. Even it means going to the gym at 500AM. It's 24 Hour Fitness, let's take advantage of it.

Peggy is pushing me to go to every other week on the weigh-in and much as I want her to love me, I'm just not ready to give up that torture/security blanket yet.

IF/WHEN I get to 131 1/2, and can claim a full 60 pounds....then I'll try it.
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