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For those who are bored shitless with the food/weight/exercise drama...

How about the work/finding a new job drama?

I got an email from Amex, suggesting I apply for the job that I could have sworn I interviewed for last week, however this email had an actual phone number of an actual person who actually answered their phone, and indicated that yes, it was the same position, yes, my name had been passed on to the "Hiring Manager" and yes, I might still be called for a second interview. This is a job I really want, although it's going to raise havoc with the Hubby because it will be quite a bit less money, although IF I got it, it might still not be too bad on the take-home, depending on the health insurance. Right now my lords and masters are taking QUITE a bit of out the paycheck for whatever meagre services Cigna chooses to subsidize.

The fun part of this is that IF I happened to get the Amex job it would start in July. The ONLY PTO I've been confirmed for when Hubby and I MIGHT be able to do my Maui trip is in JULY! If I AM going to Maui, I need to plan it now. BUT if I get the job I want, I can't go to Maui in July. And I won't know for at least another two months. FML!


I got an email from HR about the management position I don't really want here, but which is the ONLY way I'm staying with these miserable bastards. (Allow me to dole out a Hearty Fuck You to the HR Bitch who didn't have balls to email or call me herself, BTW.)

Hi K-gal, HR Bitch asked me to get in touch with you to let you know that while she was quite impressed with your skills and knowledge, she has selected another candidate for the position.

I know this must be disappointing for you, but I encourage you to continue to review internal job postings and apply for positions where you have an interest.


I got a call from the Personnel Agency today and was told that there was an opening at my Previous Employer. I told Personnel Agency Lady that I was at Previous Employer last week, had a nice "meeting" where I was told they had nothing available right now, but they might in the future.

The reply to my "thanks for seeing me" email was as follows:

Hi Miriam,

It was a pleasure to meet you as well. As I said in our meeting, we don’t have anything available at this time but will keep your resume on file.

I hope your search for a new position is successful.

Personnel Agency Lady will follow up with Previous Employer and reiterate that I would go back in a heart-beat if they would have me and if something is ACTUALLY available.

In the meantime, I'm sending out emails and CVs to everyone from "Quirky, Family Run Hotel looking for Front Desk Agent" to Public Bikes, and having them go into the ether with no response whatsoever.


For what it's worth, with a week of semi-relaxation behind me, I'm trying to mend a few fences here, and be a better co-worker for the remainder of my sentence, since I don't know when The Great Escape will commence. While I think my co-worker is an Oppression Olympics Athlete, I'm sure he (and the NY/DC girls) think I'M a big slacker who hasn't been doing her fair share, so I'm genuinely attempting to be better on that front and not panicing when the cray-cray commences...


530PM-Call from MAJOR PROBLEM CHILD who is sitting on plane about to take off from JFK to GIG (Rio Janeiro) and needs to change his return....to the next day. Yes, he is going to fly ten hours, get off the plane and come home approx sixteen hours later. There's space available, BUT I can't tell if the fare will be valid, what the penalty will be etc. I call the airline, TAM, and they can't/won't help me because he already shows checked in and their Tariff dept is already gone for the day. In other words, I can book the space, but I can't tell how much the add collect will be and I can't process the ticket until is shows "USED" which won't happen until it arrives in GIG.

I take a VERY DEEP BREATH and call my manager. She has me call the rate desk, who say that the penalty is only $100.00 but still can't verify if the rate will be valid with no overnight stay, and a different ticketing date and confirm that I DEFINITELY cannot re-issue until the ticket shows USED instead of CKIN.

In other words, I can't MAJOR PROBLEM CHILD what he wants, which is a re-issued ticket.

Manager tells me to monitor flight until I leave just to make sure, but eventually it's time to go and I basically have to dump the whole thing back on the East Coast girls to deal with in the AM.

This is the same MAJOR PROBLEM CHILD who freaked me out so badly the last time this sort of thing happened that I was caught on tape saying I had "no idea" what the penalty on his fare was and generally acting like an incompetent ditz. Oh yeah, hearing THAT playback was a good moment.

At least I stayed calm, got the manager in early, and avoided humiliating myself for public consumption. I'm still getting out of this hell hole as soon as I can.
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