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Last training run before Presidio 10-K next week.

Wearing sweatshirt in honor of imminent visit by filthgoblin in two weeks. (Wanted to wear my Bryan Ferry t-shirt in honor of concert in one week, but too cold out to go without sweatshirt.)

Heading out

Link is in two parts, since it turns out that the "pause" on the Garmin Forerunner doesn't actually give you time to have a quick pee at the Yacht Club.



The second part is pretty sad, as my legs had more or less died by then and even though I had my one gummy bear per mile, I didn't do much any carbs last night unless you count 1/4 cup of corn. Clearly I will have some kind of genuine carbo load the night before the actual event.

I even wussed out by staying in the flat, but I think that matches the 10-K course, and I know the 1/2 in Sept. is a flat course too. Gorgeous weather. Sunny. Crisp. Pretty warm on the Embarcadero, but never in danger of overheating.

Finished up at the gym, so I could do the foam roller (OUCH) and get a little more ab-work in.

The only "doubling down" today will be that Hubby and I are going to ride our bikes to the movies today. That's about a 5 mile r/t tops.

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